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The Resort at Paws Up.

Paws Up

Every business has its own unique culture. And every corporate retreat offers its own unique opportunity. If rewarding your top performers with an “elevated experience” is at the core of your objectives, we have the ranch for you. With more activities than any other resort in North America Paws Up can provide a breathtaking backdrop for a wide array of outdoor adventures, because the resort offers something for everyone, no two corporate retreats look the same.

But if you’d like your group getaway to accomplish a particular goal, that’s where they truly shine. To improve your team’s leadership and communication skills, they can develop a laser-focused demonstration with their wild mustangs. Using their newest activity, Horsepower: Where Mustangs and Mindfulness, they can bring your group face-to-face with these beautiful animals.

Watching their Equestrian Manager gentle these horses, your team will experience a one-of-a-kind lesson in how to harness unbridled strength and how to change the behavior of an untamed spirit. Attendees will hear how she inflects her voice and see how she uses subtle changes in her body language. And they’ll come away with a new understanding of how individual actions affect others. It’s also an example of the lengths they’ll go to make magic for your group, they’re not constrained by the activities listed on their website. It’s really a conversation about what you want your group to do, and we’re open to exploring ideas and creating new activities.”

Glamping at Paws Up includes en suite bathrooms with spa-style showers and heated floors. Distinctive décor with a Western flair. Butlers who attend to your every need. Despite the glamorous trappings and the astounding views, glamping is so much more than just a beautifully designed tent with a front-row seat to nature; it’s about the opportunity to create bonds that you’d never have if you were down the hall in a hotel room from each other. It’s one of the most memorable experiences you can get.

Let your imaginations run wild.


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